About Us

The single most significant contributor to a nation's growth is the power of mankind. In fact the depth and quality of a country's manpower determines the speed of its progress.

India , with its abundant manpower resources is playing pivotal role in shaping economy all over the world. This has brought certain professional recruiting houses into the international limelight. FAST (Fast Air & Sea Travels) is the undoubtedly one of them.

Our chairman Mr. K.K. Bava is a true veteran of the seven seas. After spanning the globe for over two decades, he dropped anchor at Mumbai, to launch FAST Air & Sea Travels. From the onset FAST become synonymous with capability, dedication & commitment. "Send quality not quantity", the motto set by our chairman, has always been adhered by our efficient & courteous staff. This principle ensured the satisfaction of the existing clientele and paved the way for a steady flow of new clients.

Fast has associates & representatives in the Middle East, branches and associates all over India. FAST currently deploys thousand of skilled and semiskilled personnel to countries all over the world. This has been made possible due to the vision of our Chairman & commitment of our staff.

Today FAST is a group of companies diversified into different fields such as food industries, agriculture, trading, etc.